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Negashi is some 10 km away from Wukro town in Tigary region that lies on the plateau commanding a magnificent view of the surrounding area. “Negashi” got its name from Tigre word called Negash or Negus meaning Nejashi the variant word of Arabs.

The history of Negash Mosque begins from the 7th c A.D as of the faith of Islam. The early followers of Prophet Mohammed were harshly persecuted by Quersh tribe of the mercantile ruler of Mecca.  In order to maintain the very several of his religion the Prophet had to seek a fate hind out for his followers “under lithe a country within no one is wronged a land of righteousness, depart thither and remain until it please”.

The ruler of Abyssinia (Ethiopia) guaranteed asylum to the first eleven men and four women refugees. Then after lived & settled in peace in Ethiopia until they returned back to their home land. Therefore; Negashi mosque represents the first hand foot print of Islamic faith in Ethiopia and the world since more than 1300 years ago.

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