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Axum is found in the mountainous land of Tigray region northern part of Ethiopia which lies about 1024 km north of Addis Ababa. It was the capital of Kingdom of Axumite next Yeha. One of the powerful state which flourished its power till to the present day of the Red Sea, whole horn of Africa, including Yemen. The power of Aksum was based largely on trade due to its proximity to the Red Sea in the north east and the Indian Ocean coastal trade routes to the south. Romans, Persians, China’s, Greeks, Arabs and Indians where known to have good

Axum is one of the worlds ancient civilizations took prosperity that clearly seen today. There influence of religion, economic, political, and social development has reflected great impact for today’s Ethiopia. The Axumite kingdom reign from 1B.C to 10th A.D. even it extends to 10th B.C with fabled Queen of Sheba. Axum is the 1st place to built church on the soil of Africa, blessed town for the sanctuary of Ark of Covenant, and it is the holiest city of the Ethiopian Orthodox faith.


The city of Axum is famous for its historical relics of monolithic stele park, palaces, the church of St.Mary (Zion), sanctuary of Ark of Covenant, Museum, tombs of kings etc. A visit to Axum means a discovery of history back to 500 B.C.

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